Adult Ministries -Walking our Faith Journey

At First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, we want anyone to feel comfortable, accepted and loved.  The main focus for Christian Education here at First Presbyterian of Pasadena is in our Sunday morning classes at 9:00 a.m.  We offer different styles of classes to help anyone new find a place to “belong”.  We will be looking for you to come and join us as we encourage one another to follow Christ in our daily walk. 

The range of opportunities for adult growth in the faith here is wide.  We enjoy a bounty of choices to serve with all age groups, but some opportunities are meant especially for adults.  Through these activities we broaden our life experiences and become more aware of the joys God has given to us in our daily living. Some activities are meant for us to be still, while others require movement. Some invite quiet, while others encourage us to express our thoughts. Some ask us to serve, while others beacon us to be served. This is the kind of richness that brings life the flavor it was meant to have. Come join in with us in the journey of adult ministry.

Sunday School hour is a special time to study for all ages and adults have three different opportunities to search and give definition to what it means to be a Christian in the world today.


Baywood Crossing is a nursing home in Pasadena close to our church facility. We go there weekly and offer the people there an opportunity to worship through a special devotional time. 


Bend and Be Fit is a pledge to take care of our “temples of God” by making an effort to stay healthy through an hour twice a week of strengthening our inner core.   

Brown Bag Wednesday is a dynamic group of people dedicated to digging into the Word and applying it to their lives today. Led by our pastor, it is a lively discussion group. Oh, and bring your lunch with you.

Brunch and Book Group is a great time to share your ideas about a book common to the group. Some read it, and some wish they had read it. Still for two hours we share insights we have made as a result of how the book we have read that month has spoken to us. We can bring a food that ties into a theme of the book or not.


Cut-ups is an opportunity to have some fun with arts and crafts. Sometimes we work on projects the church asks us to do. Sometimes we just do things for fun or learn from something someone else has done. A recent study has determined that arts and crafts help hold off Alzheimer’s; therefore, for your health as well as for fun, come join us in cuttin’ up. 


Gathering Place is the deacons’ outreach project, but this endeavor takes a village. We host the Alzheimer’s group and their caregivers on the fourth Thursday of each month. We always have so much fun! A group of students from Pasadena Memorial High School volunteer to help us.  We bring in outside entertainment, serve snacks and a meal, and ALWAYS play BINGO. What joy it brings us all to see everyone having such a good time.


Grief Recovery Group meets monthly after first Sunday Lunch and is led by a professional from Patients Hospital who helps those of us who have experienced a loss to come together in a supportive, meaningful way. We walk these dark days knowing there are others who understand and are willing to listen and hold our hands as we grieve. We learn that we will someday be able to laugh and experience joy again.


Prayer Shawl group meets weekly to learn how to crochet and knit, mainly, although we have some who cross-stitch and quilt on occasion. We make shawls and afghans to give to those in crisis. We rarely know those we receive our gifts. We simply hear God’s call to make something and then wait for God’s nudge to know who is in need of our special type of love.  


Young-at-Heart meets on the third Thursday of each month and plays games or goes on field trips, but always eats at its get-togethers. This is a great group of people age 55 or older who kick up their heels and enjoy the journey.


The Writer’s Group works to hone their craft. What a relaxing time! Sometimes they are extremely quiet; other times they find joy in the sharing of their ideas through writing. What a healthy practice and a wonderful way to allow yourself time to ponder life by the moment.