The Deacons 

Deacons recognize their responsibility to nurture Christ-centered relationships within and beyond First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, Texas. As a result, we have organized our meetings in such a way that our priorities reflect our own nurture and that of our congregation.

Rev. Pat Abrams, our spiritual guide, leads us to a service of continually greater depth. He calls us to continually challenge our prayer life and the outreach of those we specifically nurture, as well as those around us. We not only find ourselves challenged, but also comforted by his monthly words and loving presence.

The head of deacons focuses on the organization of the meeting and the notebook (“reformed, always reforming”) in order to gain clarity among the deacons of our mission or the “What”. Taking the existing bones of the notebook which was organized with the progression of each monthly meeting, the deacons have become more aware of the notebook as a tool to help them throughout the year.

The deacons through Jesus Christ have accomplished great things to strengthen The Lord’s church, some tangible; most intangible.   With the tools that the structure of the church provides, we “cultivate our garden” in the following ways:

Deliver flowers to those with special needs weekly

Serve extended communion monthly

Visit the grieving and offered counseling opportunities

Visit the homebound and their families

Visit the hospitalized

Visit those in rehabilitation

Create prayer lists for our congregation weekly

Pray for each of our members daily

Visit through phone calls and electronic media, such as Facebook, etc.

Send birthday cards to our “Flock” when we know their birthday.

Update the congregational member address/phone number/email list


The deacons believe Christ has given our church “all that is necessary for its mission to the world.” By focusing on these objectives, we believe we are doing our part to give life and expression to the mission of shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God.

Prayerfully submitted by Carol Parks, on behalf of the 2014 Diaconate