What’s required to be a Presbyterian?



To be a Presbyterian is to:

  • Believe and confess the Christian faith
  • Trust in Jesus Christ as our forgiving savior
  • Promise to follow Christ and his example for living
  • Commit to attend worship and become involved in its work

How do I join?

There are three (3) ways to join the Presbyterian Church:

  1. Profession of faith…this means to publicly affirm Jesus Christ as one’s savior.
  2. Re-affirmation of faith…this means to affirm Jesus Christ once again, particularly if you were once a member of another church, but haven’t been in years.
  3. Certificate of transfer…this means to ask the church in which you are currently a member to send your membership “certificate” (record) to the receiving church.

Must I speak in front of people?

Our governing body, called “the session” receives new members at its evening meetings.  This is a time of welcome and fellowship!  No speeches are required!  The only responses necessary are answers to questions that affirm the foregoing intent of membership.

Are there expectations?

Yes.  Member expectations include:

  • Participating in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ,
  • Taking part in the common life and worship of the local church
  • Prayer, Bible study and fellowship with other members
  • Supporting the work of the church

Whom do I talk to if I want to join?
    The Pastor or an elder will be happy to discuss membership.