Kairos Prison Ministry
Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. (Kairos) is a Christian faith based ministry which addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth, and their families.  By sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, Kairos hopes to change hearts, transform lives and impact the world. As a ministry, Kairos embraces a diverse group of volunteers working together to fulfill Christ’s call to action in Matthew 25:36.
To prepare for a Kairos weekend, our members write letters, bake cookies, decorate placements and tote bags, create prayer chains, and commit to offer prayers for the participants.  If you have a heart for service and would like to participate in a Kairos event or a closing ceremony please contact First Presbyterian Pasadena at 281-991-8700 or contact Mark Corder at 281-658-1646.
Pot luck dinner with Kairos guests
Sunday morning Worship visit
Faye Brian Barbara
Coloring placemats for Kairos weekend