Teacher Appreciation

“We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks…”  Psalm 75:1

On Sunday, May 15, those who served Jesus Christ during the school year by sharing the Good News of the Gospel; encouraging children, youth, and adults to think deeply about faith; and creating a space to experience Christian love in the safe and supportive home called First Presbyterian Church were recognized and thanked for their service.

This includes the following ministries: 

Sunday Morning Nursery Caregivers Brenda Morales and Jeri Cooney

Caregiver Coordinator Joan Gibertini

Sunday Morning Teachers of children Shelley and Clay Covington, Carrie and Jason Reed

Sunday morning teachers of youth James Jackson, Holly Liechty, Jim Currie

Sunday morning teachers of adults Pat Abrams, David Kirkpatrick, Mark Corder, and Jo Ann Currie

Presbyterian Women Bible Study Leaders (rotating teachers)

Thursday Evening Men’s Bible Study Leader Mark Corder

Spanish Bible Study Leader Imelda Carrillo

Spanish Bible Study Coordinator Shelley Covington

Brown Bag Bible Study Leader Jim Currie

Youth Group Advisors/Leaders Jim & Jo Ann Currie and Barry & Joy Webb

Early Childhood Program Directors Carrie Reed, Tina Brown

Early Childhood Program Teachers

Church Librarian, Ruth Askine

When the Discipleship Committee met in the spring to discuss ways to honor them, committee members wondered if the teachers needed a small token of appreciation that might become a dust collector on a shelf (or be back at the next church garage sale). Instead of giving a small trinket, a different approach was chosen.

This year, the committee will buy the water, crackers and fruit cups for the summer Mornings of Mission for the “Lord of the Streets” lunches. Each Sunday in June, these foods will be transformed into visible signs of God’s love and shared with people in the teachers’ honor and given in the name of Jesus Christ.

The teachers have fed the children, youth and adults at First Presbyterian all year long. Now they will help feed others in body and spirit beyond our walls. The church thanks God for its instructors and helpers, and prays that God will bless them, the food and the men, women and children who will be fed this summer.