Ministries Moderators
The session (elders) of First Presbyterian voted to use the term “ministries” rather than “committees” for the people who are volunteering and working in various areas of the church, since the work they are doing is ministering in some way to the people of the church, community, and beyond. Here are the ministry areas of the church and the elders who moderate them.
Caring & Fellowship – Moderator: Jim Tinney
Plans and/or coordinates caring and fellowship events for the congregation and the community.
Discipleship – Moderator: Donna Gilchrest
Works collaboratively with the staff member responsible, in planning for the spiritual formation and Christian education of members of all ages.
Mission & Outreach – Moderator: Cindy Berridge
Plans and coordinates evangelism, outreach, and mission initiatives and programs in the church, local community, and beyond. 
Personnel – Moderator: Roy Kreitz
Provides an orderly, focused, and considerate means for the session to build a healthy work environment
Stewardship – Moderator: Roy Kreitz
Oversees church campus maintenance and safety, and maintains budget guidelines.
Worship & Music – Moderator: Margaret Bardin
Provides a meaningful and enriching worshiping experience for all people.
Any questions for moderators may be directed to the Office Manager at .