Praying with the Windows

In 2001, our congregation was blessed to have Rev. Stephen Rehrig serve us an an interim Pastor.  During his tenure, he published explanations, meditations and prayers to enhance the experience of all who visit our sanctuary.  It is our hope that you may find spiritual growth in his words.   Links to each window’s text are displayed to the right.


Symbols are a very important part of our lives, and nowhere is this borne out more than in our faith.  Symbols aid us in remembering; they keep us tied to the historic past.  But just as important is that for which they stand – the thing being symbolized.  Objects, situations and stories are all ways of keeping alive the traditions and meanings that have nurtured countless generations.  These stained glass windows which grace our sanctuary prove as sustaining to the faith today as their forerunners did to the past.  May God grant His eternal blessing to you all.
Rev. Stephen Rehrig
 The windows