Sunday School

For more information about the Sunday School classes listed below, please contact the church.
Adult Class
Stepping Out in Faith
“Survey of the New Testament”
Pat Abrams, facilitator
This Sunday School class will be based in video series by Craig Koester of Luther Seminary. It will begin with the gospel narratives, followed by the various letters to the churches, and closing with Revelation. Here is an outline of this series:
“Jesus as Messiah in Mark”
“Mark on the Crucifixion and Resurrection”
“The Dynamics of Forgiveness in Matthew”
“Luke on a World Upside Down”
“John on the Word Made Flesh”
“Self-giving Love According to John”
“The Early Church in Acts”
“Paul’s Calling”
“Paul and the Roman Empire”
“Paul’s Letters to a Community in Conflict”
“Freedom and the Law in Paul’s Letters”
“Paul on Gender Roles and Slavery”
“Letters to Sojourners”
“Revelation’s Vision of New Creation” 
The class meets in the Bride’s Room from 9:00-10:00 a.m. each Sunday. It’s a lively and loving group of friends and you’ll be made to feel welcome.
Men’s Class
Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers: Exploring Christian Faith
David Kirkpatrick and Mark Corder, facilitators
The Men’s Class has started a new study using the book, Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers: Exploring Christian Faith, by noted theologian, Donald. K. McKim. Using a question and answer format, in thirteen chapters this book addresses questions about Presbyterian theology and beliefs that are basic to the Christian faith itself. Some of the questions are:
What do we mean by “Reformed Theology?”
Why do Presbyterians baptize babies?
What is the Trinity?
Does God answer prayer?
What is Calvinism?
What is the meaning of the cross?
And many, many more.
Come join the journey and share insights and experiences as together we grow in faith.